Our Story

Lia was born high in the Rocky Mountains, in a little town called Crested Butte, that was snowed in 6 months out of the year when  Keebler Pass, would be inaccessible due to avalanches.

Her father was a hunter and tracker, who supplied their little family with almost all that they needed, and her mother grew the rest, laying it in for the winter.

Lia grew up wild as the mountains, her only playmates the natives of that land,rooted, two footed, four footed, winged and scaled.  She learned much  from that time, and was greatly affected by it.

After her father died, Lia and her mother moved to Vermont and then NY.



Lia had her first conscious experience with healing another when she was 9, a young horse who was destined for the dog food canning factory due to lameness brought on by abuse and neglect.  That event sent Lia on a path of trying to understand what exactly happened, and how…

At 19 that path led her to the Philippines, Thailand, India, Nepal, and Japan.  It has more recently led her to the door of Native American Healers, Medicine People and Shamans.

Lia has been in the Holistic field for over 30 years.  Teaching classes and lectured on diverse fields from Crystal Awareness, Vibrational frequency, Talisman making, Reiki, self awareness, developing intuition etc.  She had a New Age Metaphysical store in Mamaroneck NY in the 80's called "Enchanted Environments". She loves facilitating people to become their best by connecting to themselves and the natural world more fully.

Lia is an artist, a poet, a drummer, a dancer and a healer.  She is a Reiki Master and teacher, an intuitive healer, and has been initiated as a Shamanic healer from 2 different Nations. Lia has looked long within, and knows the darkness there waiting, receptive, for seeds to be planted, and cultivated. She has danced with many elements, and energies, and can follow twisting paths of words or energies to their source, and help bring them into light again.  She is a weaver who can weave a net out of fragile things, hopes and dreams not yet realized, to help you hold onto what is dear, when things feel like they are falling apart.

How I work


Lia Russ


Lia is a body whisperer.  She has honed her ability to tune into a client’s internal “chemistry”,  sensing or seeing blocks and areas of resistance within the resonant body (which is three dimensional – body, mind, and spirit).  She then works within each client’s internal structures helping them to find ways to bridge the distance between where they are and where they want to be (for healing and manifesting).  Being a body whisperer means that Lia recognizes the body as possessing an intelligence that goes beyond the mind. Lia communicates with this intelligence, which she often describes as being “animal like”, (for example, its ability to communicate with out words, or it’s tendency to curl up in a ball when hurt or frightened). To feel safe, we may each need different things, but all beings need to feel seen, heard, appreciated, and respected.  There needs to be consistency and stability, kindness as well as a lack of judgment.  Our body knows when these elements are present, as well as when they are not.  When all of these aspects are present our multi diverse selves (including the body), feel safe enough to open internal doors for deep healing.

Guided entirely by spirit, Lia performed her first healing when she was 9. After this she began incorporating the natural energies found in plants, earth, and stones into healing environments or ceremonies for all beings.  Ten years later her search for understanding the workings of subtle energies found her living in the far east studying with different healers in Japan, Thailand, Nepal, and the Philippines.  Since then she has mastered many healing modalities from around the world including Shamanic and Usui Reiki, Incan Shamanism, Tezcatlipoca (an ancient Healing tradition from Mexico), yoga and dance, as well as the power of the creative process as used in Creative Arts Therapy and Sand Play. Six years ago she was asked to give a lecture at the American Dowsers society on a theory she came up with in her early twenties on vibrational frequency and crystal awareness, that lecture launched her on writing a book called "Connecting the Dots: Finding Our Way," which will be published in 2020





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