What Does it Mean to “Walk A Sacred Path?”

As I wander along my path, I am grateful for all the growth that I have accomplished.  To me growing equals healing, equals being more comfortable in my skin, in this body, and on this planet.



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I was talking with a fellow Healer last week, about our paths.  She had been a wild party girl in her youth…and recognized that the path she had been on was probably not going to lead her in a healthy direction.  This realization hit her just about at the same time her sister recommended Yoga to her.  She tried it and loved it.  That led her to meditating, both of which she has been doing for decades now.I listened to her story and felt a momentary pang of almost guilt… I don’t meditate… I pray, I sit in nature and connect to all the lives around me… opening… and then opening more.. listening…feeling… being…breathing…But that is not the process of emptying my mind… as in meditating… So I sat there for a few seconds and felt guilty… should-ing on myself…
It is so easy to sit in judgment of our own paths… or others…
We can judge ourselves and our processes as invalid when we are conscious of them, or invalidate them by not even acknowledging or recognizing them…
We can discount our own paths ... based on recognized templates of what is THE RIGHT way … which really boils down to ways that have worked for some people … consistently enough to map out that path or way ….
So instead of it being THE ONLY RIGHT way…it actually is just A WAY  worth trying certainly ... but not worth lynching ourselves over, if it turns out to not be OUR WAY.
This is one of the struggles we face being on a path. Giving validity to the value of our own paths ….

God, the Creator, or how ever you see our source … does not make trash.I love this saying, but neither were we created alike…  Since this is so, then there must be an inherent value in each of us finding our ways …

So how do we go about discovering what our process is?  Its simple really, you place within you’re self the desire to find yourself.



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Like a seed finding herself under a blanket of earth… who first must allow the cracking of the old safe shell… before radical new life can begin.  This means allowing for the destruction of what was… taking a leap of faith that the new things rushing in, like water and soil and light and air, will produce something better ... something worth letting go of the old for. But the seed, has no direct memory knowledge of  how to do this, or what the outcome will be.  She can either be guided by her instincts, or she can wither and eventually die.

Humans have other choices, because we get to do things over and over again in our lifetimes (and that's not even entertaining the concept of accumulated knowledge from past lives). How do you deal with coming apart?  With transitions?  With letting go?

How we deal with these things is part of our process.  Can you trust yourself if you do not know what your process is? No. Here's an example, I have witnessed in myself, more that just a tendency, to grow toward the light.  It is pretty much an inevitable transition for me.  Once I realized this was part of my process, I no longer had to ride myself so hard.  I could relax even in the face of not moving through something as fast as a mentor might want me to.  I learned how to trust myself, which led to respecting myself.

How we deal with the next phases of growth are also part of our process; how does the seed move from the  place where she has entered the darkness and it giving in to the pull of transformation?  With all these alchemical changes going on inside her, how does she know to go towards the light?  Or where the light is?  Can she feel its warmth?  What is her process as she makes her way toward the light and once there to new growth?  (By using she here instead of he, I in no way mean to eliminate men from this process.  It is just that almost everything a woman reads is specified as “he”  and it can be profound to see and hear it as “she”).
Somewhere along the way..if you want to be successful at healing and growing you will need to gain an understanding of what your process is, and along with this, develop a relationship with your intuition.  A relationship based on knowledge and trust…  can you imagine what that feels like?  We should have all grown up with these things intact inside of us, but sadly most of us have not.  Our world values have not included the growth of the inner man or woman, but only the outer… In our society when we look at who someone is, what we look at has more to do with what clothes you wear,  what your job is and what cars you drive.  As opposed to how well you fit in your skin. Or how able you are to keep your word, because you are firmly grounded in who you are, so that the promises you make... are keep-able...


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Soul Path Healing

This is the name I came up with to describe a part of my work. It is based on the premise that in order to grow and heal, we need to develop a relationship with ourselves.  A relationship that may start off filled with self disrespect, suspicion, or even loathing… We are taught how to feel about ourselves from the adults around us.  Just like they were taught.  It is not about blame (let he who is innocent cast the first stone), instead it is about not being afraid of the truth.

When we truly realize that we are the author of our lives... is the moment we know the enormity of possibility that stretches out in front of us.  It is both exhilarating and terrifying at the same moment.  Where it will lead you is to develope a relationship with your intuition

It may  begin with a sense of disorientation, confusion, “What does that mean, have a relationship with my intuition and my process???  I make decisions all the time, I know what I like and dislike..what the heck is she talking about?”
Yes we all have an understanding of ourselves… and if you are happy with where your life is, and your relationships, and your job… if you are happy and comfortable in your skin.. and don't feel as if you are missing something, then I would say you may need look no further… But if you are not happy with where you are, or where your relationships are or were… then growth and healing may well be in order.
And this is where I may be able to help you.  I am a path finder.  I can help you see what you have lost sight of. I walk between worlds, and between words, I follow you where you go, and then mirror back to you what I witness.  I do not walk in judgement, but seek to shine light and beauty on what may be.  Many wise ones before have stated that “All roads are one”… Let me help you reconnect with the joy of believing in yourself, of finding that you are on a path and that it has value, and that you are already on your way home.
In love and light

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Offering a center for Holistic Services.

The center is a cozy multi-functional space set amongst organic fruit and herb gardens, facing a pond.  We have a space for private yoga classes, Reiki and other energy work modalities, massage, etc.

We have a dedicated Herbal Kitchen for use in making products for sale as well as for classes.

We have art space suitable for Soul Collage, vision boarding, etc.

Space is available for rent on a hourly, daily, or weekly basis. Call 914-329-3325 for availability.


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