Are you Gluten Free?

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Is your all in one place you need to go to understand:

Important nutritional facts about your condition.

Whats the difference between wheat allergy, gluten intolerance and Celiac disease?

What is Gluten?

Why is hard to digest?

What nutrients are in the wheat substitutes I'm eating?

How to make the adjustment more easily.

Understanding the emotional impact of dietary restrictions.

Product reviews, and so much more.

Lia became GF 15 yrs. ago.  She has studied nutrition in college, and has kept up her studies since then.  She is currently earning her Nutrituonal Coaching and Holistic Health certificate at INN in NYC.  Lisa is a graduate of INN.  Let us help you make the changes you need for a better quality of life and energy!

Herbs and nutrients

Boosting your Immune system

Lia has been a growing herbs and veggies as medicine for 20+ years.  Coupled with her knowleldge of nutrition, she and Lisa can help you supper charge your immune system for the winter months.

Feeling run down? Try Flower Essences!  Not to be confused with aroma therapy.  Developed first by renowned immunologist Dr Edward Bach in the 1800's.  They are absolutely amazing!!!

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